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What is the ROI Calculator?

The ROI Calculator is a tool developed by to compare investing in two different cryptocurrencies over a set period. The calculator shows you which cryptocurrency from the two you selected would have brought a better return on investment over a specific period. The initial result is displayed like this: "The Y stock had an increase of 8.57x over a specific period". If you click on "8.57x", you can switch it into a percentage. In the "Compare ROI for a specific amount" field, you can include the amount purchased at the selected starting date. This tool is not meant to be a financial investment tool, as past performance does not guarantee future returns. It's simply a fun tool to check what return you could have gotten by investing in a crypto asset at a time in the past.

How to use the ROI Calculator for Crypto?

You first need to select the two cryptocurrencies that you want to compare. Then just select the comparison period. The calculator will fetch the data and compare which cryptocurrency would have brought a better return on your investment.

Can I use the calculator for a stock and a cryptocurrency?

Yes, the calculator can help you compare the growth of a cryptocurrency with that of a stock. You just have to make sure that the cryptocurrency existed at the starting date of the comparison.